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Written by a patient at BMI The Chiltern Hospital
2nd October 2020

This Operation was to repair my knee joint and I was fortunate to have Mr Shibu Krishnan as the Surgeon to carry out this operation. This was my first ever Operation that I have ever had in my life and from the very first Consultation that I had with Mr Krishnan, he explained what he was going to do with the repair of my knee and totally reassured myself on all aspects of the operation. Mr Krishnan came to see me prior to the operation and again afterwards to reassure and to confirm that all had gone well. Since the operation, Mr Krishnan has periodically been in touch but it was difficult with the Virus Situation, however we had our final face to face meeting (with X-Rays being taken) and Mr Shibu Krishnan was pleased with the repair of my knee and signed me off. There is nothing to improve anything and full praise and thanks to Mr Krishnan.


“I had a total knee replacement done by Mr Krishnan in Wycombe Hospital in June this year. Surgery performed on my knee has been very successful, I have heard from various others that have had similar surgery, about their many problems that they had experienced, yet for me, my surgery was a great success, as three weeks after the replacement I was independent of any walking aids. Mr Krishnan has a good bedside manner and I felt completely confident in his hands as he explained everything in detail prior to the surgery and also post-operative. I am on the list for my other knee to be replaced and I have every confidence in Mr Krishnan again as my surgeon. I am facing the next operation with far less apprehension that I did prior to the first operation.”
Oct 2015

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 by Mark Darvill
Feedback: Yes

I was fortunately to be given the option of three Orthopaedic Surgeon and in my case needed to specialise in knee surgery.

Mr Krishnan stood out for me initially, due to the extensive professional write up and feedback from patients he has helped, I can honestly say without a question of doubt if you are considering this type of surgery then choosing Mr Krishnan you will feel you are in the hands of competent professional and will put your anxiety at ease as he places the patient at the forefront of his thinking.

Big thanks to Mr Krishnan and the support team.
Mark Darvill 31st March 2017

 by Mrs N
Feedback: yes

Total Knee Replacement 11/06/2016
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Krishnan and his team for the excellent care I received. I found Mr Krishnan to be very kind caring and professional. He explained the procedure involved in easy to understand terms which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the operation. I am very pleased with my new knee and six weeks on progressing well with a nice neat scar. I hope Mr Krishnan and his team will be available to help with the other knee when required. Could not have had better care.

 by MH

My Experience "A Replacement Knee in 2015”

I had my inner cartilages removed back in 1983 because they were worn out and after this my knees were bone on bone, causing many years of pain, compounded by my stubbornness in refusing to do anything about it – I, like all men, am good at this.
However, when things got really bad in 2014 I sought help from my Doctor who initially recommended a course of physio – this just didn’t work, despite my best efforts.
I then contacted my private health company helpline who were excellent in providing me with an appointment to see a man called Mr Shibu Krishnan. As you can imagine I was very apprehensive about meeting a Doctor who I had never seen before for a big, serious and life changing operation.
What actually happened was a very warm and professional greeting, followed by explanation in great detail (in layman’s terms) of what was wrong with my knees and what my options actually were. The thing that surprised me most was that he said my knees were worn out but it really was my decision as to if, or when, I chose to have them done and if so, which one I would like done first, leaving me fully in charge of my destiny.
I chose to have the first one done on 27th of July 2015. I had to go for pre-assessment at the Chiltern Hospital which was very thorough, making sure I was fit enough for the operation and I wouldn’t be taking anything unwelcome into hospital, which if you think about it, really gives you a good feeling of confidence that you are being looked after in the best possible way!
We agreed the procedure would take place at the Shelburne Hospital in High Wycombe. When I arrived at 7.30am on the Monday morning, the greeting from the hospital was excellent, even the man controlling the car park barrier was expecting me and knew my name.
I was shown to my private room and, as you can imagine, the whole team came in to both greet me and prepare me for the operation. Mr Krishnan then came to see me and again checked and double checked if I had any concerns or questions. When the time came for me to go to the operating theatre, again it was extremely evident this was clearly a very, very polished team of professionals and a process in which everything was about making sure I was both comfortable and relaxed.

The anaesthetic was administered to my lower back with great care and with no discomfort, apart from a small prick and some slight tingling. During the operation I was aware of what was going on with absolutely no pain or discomfort at all. When Mr Krishnan finished and once I was fully awake and able to talk to everyone, I left the theatre and spent an hour in recovery. I was then taken back to my room fully awake, alert and ready for lunch, which was delivered on time and very nice too!
Mr Krishnan came to see me both in the recovery room and in my own room just making sure I was ok. He explained the operation had gone very well and he was very happy with the outcome. The team were excellent. I did a careful walking lap of my room aided of course by my physio just 2 hours after my operation finished.
You hear all sorts of tales on recovery experiences and timelines, mine was just as Mr Krishnan said it would be. They have a simple mantra in their approach toward pain control "we aim never to let the pain take hold" thus this process was both very scientific, consistent and very very impressive. I did all the exercises as instructed and was able to walk with sticks immediately, and in just 1 week was able to walk short distances, across the room, going to the bathroom etc. without them. I was off the sticks for short to medium distances after just under 3 weeks. My progress continued steadily with the discomfort lessening each week. For me the first 6 weeks was a daily and steady improvement. The next 6 weeks still improved but more slowly, but after 12 weeks I experienced a dramatic and consistent Improvement which continues today.
As I write this note today December 8th 2015 I can inform you that I had my right knee replaced yesterday. Everything I described that happened in July, happened exactly the same again yesterday with the same precision and care for my wellbeing. Another excellent customer experience. I am also pleased to report I am going home tomorrow - how's that for service!
In conclusion I can honestly say it has been my pleasure and good fortune to meet this amazing man who without doubt has changed my life in a dramatic and wonderful way. I now no longer have pain whatsoever in my left knee and as I am a classic car buff, I am able to kneel and crawl around on my garage floor which is marvellous and I fully expect the same flexibility with my new right knee which is already starting the improvement process!
Having been involved with Retail all my working career I know what a good job looks like when it comes to customer care.

Mr Krishnan is a man who clearly cares for people and his patients alike. He is a man in my experience of high integrity, with tremendous knowledge and capabilities in his sphere of medicine who delivers exactly what he commits to. Whilst writing this I have also worked out what makes Mr Krishnan stand out in his field of expertise - he is without doubt a great listener who always meticulously answers all your questions and queries before moving onto his own agenda.
In short I am now an extremely happy man with 2 straight legs and knees that work just like bought ones - life doesn't get better!

 by Anonymous

“Mr Krishnan has shown me exemplary concern and attention throughout the total hip replacement process. As evidenced by the very neat incision and the ex-rays taken at various stages, he has done a thoroughly professional job. I am pleased to have made a swift recovery without pain or unusual inconvenience. Should I need any further hip or knee surgery, I can only hope that Mr Krishnan is again available”.
Mar 2015

 by Anonymous

“It is now seven weeks since my hip operation on Monday 24th March, which was an amazing
Experience due to the whole procedure being absolutely pain free, and left me with a big smile on my face immediately afterwards.
Your skill has left me perfectly able to cope with this time of healing.
The members of the team were so kind and professional talking to me, which was relaxing, so a big thank you”.
May 2014.

 by Anonymous

“I would like to express my gratitude for the total knee replacement operation you performed on the 26th February 2014 and further consultations.
Thank you very much for perfectly carried out surgery, professional pre and post operation care and your kindness”.
April 2014

 by Anonymous

“Since you performed a hip replacement operation for me on 21st December, I have made excellent progress towards recovery and the nurses have remarked that the wound healed particularly well.
This suggests that your work was exemplary and I should like to thank you for your care. My thanks to all your team, not least the anaesthetist who, I know had some problems and also to those who looked after me during my stay in the hospital”.
Feb 2014.